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We are in a unique position to offer you the most comprehensive platform for your advertising needs.
Our members are Teachers Home Tutors, Schools Coaching Centers, Colleges, Institutes and Students
covering Delhi and NCR region.

Advertisement Solutions :

  • 1) CPM : Cost Per Impression :
  • In this model, a single appearance of an advertisement on a webpage will count a impression. Each time an advertisement loads into a user's screen, the ad server may count that loading as one impression. You will be charged for per thousand per impression.

  • 2) CPC : cost Per click :
  • In this model, do not worry that how many times your appears on the webpage. You need to pay us only when the ad is clicked.

  • 3) Customized Solutions :
  • If you do not like CPM or CPI, than you may opt for our customized solutions. For more detail, please fill up the query form.


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